We don’t cover additional drivers

At the moment, we can’t add an additional driver onto a temporary or pay-monthly insurance policy.

A Cuvva account should only be used by one person. So anyone else looking to get insured should sign up and make their own account.

This should only take a few minutes, though!

You can still share the drive

We can cover two separate drivers on the same vehicle, at the same time - as long as both drivers can get a quote on the vehicle.

So you can still use Cuvva to share the drive with a friend or relative.

Refer a friend and save up to £10 on your car insurance

If your second driver is new to Cuvva, invite them to join using your referral code (it’s in the app and on our website here).

If you refer a friend and they sign up to a temporary insurance policy, we’ll give you both £10 worth of discounts.

And if you refer a friend and they sign up to a subscription, you both get £60 worth of discounts.

Happy driving! 🚗

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