You can build up no-claims bonus on a Cuvva Subscription.

You'll earn a year of NCB once you've been insured with us for 12 continuous months, as long as you don't have any:

  • at-fault claims

  • joint-fault claims

  • pending claims

If you already have an NCB, you can use it for a discount on your subscription

We accept NCB documents for subscription policies. Just ask your previous insurer to give you a "proof of no-claims" document. You might be asked to upload this into the app when you buy your policy. With a valid NCB document, most customers will benefit from a lower monthly premium.

Multiple NCBs

NCBs can be built up on multiple vehicles and multiple policies, but separate NCBs can't be added together for a larger no claims bonus.

NCBs can only be used on one vehicle at a time, but you can transfer them between vehicles to make sure that you don't miss out on any discount.

International NCBs

At the moment, we can only accept NCB documents from UK insurers.

Happy driving! πŸš—

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