Paying for your monthly insurance policy is simple. It’s a rolling subscription, so you just pay for each month of cover before it starts.

Subscription payments are taken automatically, so you don’t need to come back to the app to pay every month. It’s a bit like a direct debit, but the bank still needs to authorise each payment.

Right now you can’t select or change your billing date, but we’re hoping to add this in the future.

We’ll take the first payment when you book your insurance

A Cuvva subscription is made up of back-to-back monthly policies. We don't charge any interest when you pay for your insurance monthly.

We don't charge a deposit, either. But you'll need to pay for your first monthly policy on the day you book your insurance - even if you’ve set your policy to start on another day.

After that, we’ll take each payment around 7 days before your next month of insurance starts - unless you cancel, your card is declined for any reason, or you change your payment method in the app.

Paying in advance

At the moment there isn’t an option to pay yearly, or to pay for more than a month’s insurance upfront.

If your payment doesn’t go through, you’ll have a week to resolve it

We’ll take your monthly payment 7 days before your next month of insurance starts. So it’s important to be sure that:

  • You have enough money in your account for us to take the payment

  • You’ve updated any recent changes to your payment card in the app

If your payment fails, you’ll have 7 days to pay before your policy ends. You can do this in the app.

If we’re not able to take payment within a week, your policy will end - and if you haven’t been insured with us for a full year already, your no-claims bonus could be affected.

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