Smart Pricing is a new way of getting a fairer insurance price that’s based on your actual driving behaviour instead of your background.

How does Smart Pricing work?

When you turn on the permissions on your phone, the Cuvva app will use your phone’s location and motion sensors to gather data and calculate your driving score.

Your driving score can be viewed at any time in the Insights tab in the Cuvva app.

The app will collect data on at least 125 miles of your driving before you get your driving score.

Your data privacy and security is our highest priority – if you’d like to know more, you can read our privacy notice and a guide to our data usage.

How can I sign up for Smart Pricing?

You can turn on this feature in our app when getting a quote for a Cuvva subscription policy.

How much can I save by using Smart Pricing?

When you turn on Smart Pricing, you’ll get 10% off straight away to get you started.

Better drivers on Cuvva could save up to ⅓ on their price and we’ll regularly give you insights on your driving score, so you can keep improving.

Can my Smart Price stay constant?

Yes, your Smart Price can remain the same if:

  • Your driving score hasn’t changed in the past month.

  • You haven’t done enough driving yet. The minimum distance you’ll need to drive to see a price change based on your score is 125 miles. The app won’t have recorded enough data on your driving behaviours if you haven’t reached that distance.

  • The permissions on your phone are not switched on. With the correct permissions the app can’t use the phone’s sensors to understand your driving behaviours.

How do I cancel Smart Pricing?

You can cancel your Smart Pricing policy at any time by contacting us using the chat in the Cuvva app. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we promise not to charge any cancellation fees.

Here's how you can keep your subscription but remove Smart Pricing:

  • Cancel your existing Smart Pricing subscription. You'll then be able to buy a new regular subscription. Please keep in mind that the minimum start time would be in three days, so you'll need to find cover to fill the gap.

  • Then you can turn off your Smart Pricing permissions in your phone settings.

  • Don't forget if you cancel your Smart Pricing policy before you’ve been insured with us for 12 full months, you won’t get an extra year of NCB

There’s two ways to cancel your subscription:

  • Turning off subscription will mean that your policy will not be renewed for the next month, but you’ll still be insured for the current month

  • Cancelling your subscription will end your policy and insurance immediately.

Why can’t I get a refund for an active policy?

We can’t offer a refund on an active policy, because there’s a few things happening behind the scenes to get you started, such as:

  • Issuing a certificate of motor insurance

  • Costs associated with handling your payment

  • Adding your vehicle details to the Motor Insurance Database

  • Paying to check that your incidents match the national record (called the Claims and Underwriting Exchange)

But we won’t ever charge any cancellation fees.

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