Smart Pricing rewards good drivers with car insurance discounts of up to a third - but to do this, we need your location and motion data. We know this is a huge responsibility so we’ll always take that seriously. We’ll always ask for your permission before collecting your information and you can turn this off at any time.

How we use your data

We need you to switch on location and motion permissions on your phone so you can see if you can get a better price on your insurance. We look at your speed, braking, cornering, focusing and accelerating to give you a driving score.

This score tells us how good a driver you are. The better you drive, the less you pay. And the more driving data we have, the more we can trust the reliability of the score, so the impact of your score will increase over time - with up to ⅓ off your price each month.

You can find the score in the Insights tab in the app - along with how we worked it out. Here you’ll find all the information about your driving - including where you can improve.

We only access data to help us with things like our pricing model, to check you’re eligible, or to assist you if you need to make a claim.

Worried about how these data permissions impact your battery? Don’t be! Smart Pricing will usually use just 1% of your phone’s charge.

Why we need permissions always on

For Smart Pricing to work we need drivers to keep their permissions on all the time. This means we can consider every journey when working out reliable driving scores.

We want to reward responsible drivers with a better price. If we let people turn permissions on and off, bad drivers could game the system by only sharing good journeys. The scores wouldn’t be reliable, and it would defeat the object of Smart Pricing.

Prices would eventually creep back up and we’d be back where we started: with good drivers paying above the odds to cover bad drivers.

Who can access your data

We use a trusted telematics partner to turn your location and motion data into a driving score. We tried several different providers before choosing them - and we tested their service ourselves using our own data.

Our trusted partner can access your driving data, but not any other personal data that we hold about you. So they can’t link it to you in any way.

We’ve also built a strong company culture around data. Our whole team is introduced to data protection practices as soon as they join Cuvva, and every one of us takes part in yearly data protection training. We know you take data seriously, so we do too.

Can you turn your permissions off?

If you turn off your permissions while your policy is still active, you could invalidate the policy and any claims you make in future.

If you don’t want Smart Pricing anymore, you can cancel your policy on the app or by chatting to our customer support - no hard feelings. We can’t refund any remaining time on the policy but we can if your next cycle has yet to start.

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