What is a driving score and how is it calculated?

Your Smart Pricing driving score is based on:

  • Speed

  • Braking

  • Cornering

  • Focus

  • Acceleration

Each of these factors will be rated out of 100 for every trip you do. You’ll need to drive for at least 125 miles before you get your initial driving score. Don’t worry though, your overall driving score is an average of all your driving trips and Cuvva will help you to constantly improve!

How long does it take to get a driving score?

It takes at least 125 miles of driving to get your driving score. There’s no time limit to reach this milestone, you can do it at your own pace.

Will my score be affected if someone pulls out in front of me suddenly?

We use your average scores when calculating your driving score. We understand that driving is unpredictable and that every now and then you may need to brake harshly, or perhaps accelerate sharply to avoid a collision. Everyone has good days and bad days.

By using your average scores, these rare events shouldn’t impact your score dramatically. We use these individual trips to build a picture of your overall driving style.

Can someone use my phone in a car while I’m driving?

If someone is using your phone while you drive, sadly it might affect your driving score for that specific journey.

Through the phone’s motion sensors, the app should understand where the phone is in the vehicle and that it is likely a passenger using it. The passenger detection technology is 91% accurate so this is likely, but sadly not guaranteed.

The app uses your average scores to create your overall driving score, so one or two cases of this shouldn’t impact your score too much.

What happens if my phone battery dies when I’m driving?

If your phone battery dies then your driving data will not be recorded for that journey.

Once your phone is charged and turned back on you won’t need to set the data permissions again. You’ll be able to start driving and your driving behaviours will be recorded as normal. Read more about Smart Pricing's battery usage here.

Read more about how Smart Pricing compares with black box insurance here.

Happy driving 🚗

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