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Why does my price change if I edit my details?
Why does my price change if I edit my details?
After making a mid-term adjustment (MTA) by changing your details, your premium may be different to the quote you originally received
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The price of your premium can change when you edit your details.

Changing your personal details is known as a mid-term adjustment - or an MTA.

For example: if you change your address or job, you need to let us know. These are examples of MTAs.

Making an MTA can result in a change to your price.

Because your old quote was based on details that have changed, it’s now out of date.

Making an MTA could increase or decrease your premium, depending on what exactly has changed.

It could go up if you move to a house with no garage, if you were previously parking in one. But it could go down if you move to a safer areas with less crashes or thefts.

Keep in mind: we will only change the information you request. Everything else you previously gave us (your job, for example) will remain exactly as it was when you took out the original policy.

We’ll also keep the original excess when factoring in the price. This could make your premium higher if you buy a new, more expensive car.

One final thing: always give accurate personal details, as providing incorrect details can impact your ability to claim if the worst happens.

Any questions? Our customer support team are on hand 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm. Just drop them a message in the app or email

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