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We’re phasing out our monthly rolling subscriptions. Here’s what that means.

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More and more people are sharing cars with Cuvva’s short-term car insurance. With this in mind, we’ve made the hard decision to phase out our monthly subscription policies. This means we can focus on building more features that make it even easier for people to share cars and get behind the wheel with short-term cover.

Don’t worry, your cover won’t end right away. To give you the best chance of getting a good deal elsewhere, your monthly policy won't end until your next annual renewal date after September 1 2023. We want to make sure you can gain another year on your no claims bonus.

If your renewal date is still a while away, you don’t need to do anything right now. Your policy will continue as usual. We’ll keep in touch to make sure you’re ready to switch to a new provider when your subscription ends, though, so keep an eye on your emails (including the junk folder). It’s a good idea to start looking for a new policy around 30 days before your Cuvva policy ends.

Q: What happens if I cancel my monthly policy?

You can cancel anytime, but you won’t be able to start a new subscription again before the renewal date. This means you won’t be able to keep building up a no claims bonus (NCB). But remember, you can continue to hop into anyone's car to get around with our short-term car insurance.

Q: What happens to my no claims bonus (NCB)?

You’ll be able to keep building up your NCB until your policy ends. We’ve made sure your policy will continue until your next annual renewal date, which means you’ll build up another year on your NCB (providing you haven’t made any claims).

If you cancel your subscription before the annual renewal date, or your policy comes to an end during that time, you won’t be able to restart it at a later date. As with most insurers, you need 12 months of continuous cover to earn 1 year’s NCB. So you’ll lose any NCB you’ve built up so far with Cuvva if your subscription ends before you reach the renewal date.

Q: When will my NCB be issued?

Your NCB will be issued up to 72 hours before your policy ends at the next annual renewal date. This should happen automatically, but if your policy ends and you haven’t received it yet, just get in touch.

Q: What happens if I need to make adjustments to my policy like changing my address?

We can make essential changes to your policy that help keep details correct and up to date, like updating your address or job, but we can’t make non-essential changes to cars or who is covered.

Q: Can I add a second driver to my existing policy?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to add an additional driver to an existing monthly subscription policy.

Q: How do I switch to a short-term policy instead?

Once you cancel or unsubscribe from your rolling monthly policy, or your policy ends, it’s really quick and easy to get a short-term quote. You can get a quote via the app in minutes. Just remember: you won’t be able to restart your subscription, or start a new monthly subscription - so only end your current policy if you’re sure you no longer want a monthly rolling subscription.

Q: Can I still change my billing date?

Yes, as long as you have an active monthly subscription you can make essential changes to things like your billing dates or personal details, so we can keep things up to date. This doesn’t count as cancelling your subscription, so your policy will carry on as usual.

Q: What happens if my payment fails?

A: This would be treated the same as if you cancelled your rolling monthly subscription. It means you wouldn't be able to start a new monthly policy in the future.

Q: What about my driving score and insights?

We’ve stopped selling new rolling monthly subscription policies and locked-in everyone's driving scores. As we’re no longer reviewing your driving behaviour, your driving score won’t change in the future, and it won’t be visible in the app. Fixing your driving score means your score won’t ever drop. You’ll continue to receive Cuvva’s monthly cover, with no nasty hidden fees or interest, as long as you have an active monthly policy. If you scored a discount for your good driving behaviour, you’ll continue to get the same top savings on your rolling monthly car insurance policy until it comes to an end when you hit your annual cycle.

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