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Impounded vehicles

You can’t use Cuvva to release a vehicle from a police compound

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You can’t use Cuvva to release a vehicle from a police compound

Cuvva policies don’t include impound cover. So if you bought insurance from us for this reason, it wouldn’t be valid for driving - and the police compound probably won’t accept your policy documents as proof of insurance.

That’s because impound insurance is a specialist type of cover that isn’t included in most car insurance policies.

Your Cuvva account could be frozen if you insure an impounded vehicle

Before you pay, the app will ask you to confirm that “the vehicle is not impounded”.

Insuring an impounded vehicle with us is considered to be misuse, and it could result in you not being able to use Cuvva anymore.

You should always check the in-app declarations in full before you buy your insurance - our policies are only valid if they’re all true.

What to do if your vehicle is impounded

Check out the website for up-to-date information on how to get your vehicle out of a police impound.

Just so you know, the police might ask for proof of 30 days insurance before you can take your vehicle home. Most impound policies are at least 30 days long, but you should still double check the length and level of cover that you're getting.

If you google “Temporary insurance for impounded vehicles”, you should be able to find a specialist insurer that can help.

Happy driving 🚗

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