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Policies, quotes, and incidents
Policies, quotes, and incidents

Everything from who we cover to how to report an incident

Reporting an accident, theft or damage to your vehicle: what to do and how to make a claimWhat to do if you’ve had an accident or need to make a claim
What vans can I insure with Cuvva?Our van rules on value, insurance groups and modifications
Insuring a learner driverThere are some limits on what car you can insure, and who can get insured
Can I move my Cuvva policy between cars?Is it possible to move your Cuvva insurance policy from one car to another?
Age restrictionsHow old do you have to be to use Cuvva?
Who can we cover?Sometimes we can’t insure a driver or car. Here’s an explainer on some of the reasons why.
Can I drive a car with private plates?Private number plates
Can I use Cuvva cover for my business?Can Cuvva be used for my business?
Taxing a car with temporary insuranceYou need insurance to tax your car
Policy durationsGet covered from 1 hour to 28 days
Fully comprehensive car insuranceWhat is included in fully comprehensive car insurance?
Lending your carHow to lend your car to a friend or family member
Impounded vehiclesYou can’t use Cuvva to release a vehicle from a police compound
How does our pricing work?The main factors that influence the price of your car insurance quote
Car sharing insuranceCan I get temporary insurance for sharing a car?
Does the car need an underlying policy?Can I use Cuvva to drive an uninsured car?
Running out of time or phone batteryWhat to do if you run out of time or battery
How to get a short term insurance quoteHow to get a quote for a short-term policy
When will the MID show my cover?What to do if your details aren't showing up on the Motor Insurance Database
What vehicles can we cover?Vehicles we cover
Police car insurance checksWhat to do if you get pulled over for an insurance check
Declaring previous incidentsThe importance of declaring incidents when buying a policy
Can I use Cuvva abroad?
Who underwrites Cuvva policies?Who underwriters Cuvva policies
Can I cancel my policy or get a refund?Cancelling or getting a refund on a policy
Where to find policy docs and receiptsHere's how you can find your policy documents and receipt
How licence points affect car insuranceCan you get cover if you have points on your licence?
Driving instructor and supervisor coverWhat you need to know about driving with an instructor or supervisor
Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)CIE rules
No claims bonusesCan I get a no claims bonus on a short term insurance policy?
How do I get quotes and purchase?How to get a quote and purchase
What is my excess?How to find the size of your excess in the app
Can I insure a van with Cuvva?Insuring vans and the restrictions
What do I need to purchase?What is needed to purchase with Cuvva
Can I extend my policy?Everything you need to know about extending your temporary car insurance policy
Can I purchase for a future date?Purchasing motor policies in advance
Vehicle modificationsWhat is a modification and do we cover them?
What is an underwriter?What an underwriter is and how do they link with Cuvva
Breakdown coverEverything you need to know about adding temporary breakdown cover to your policy.