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Can I extend my policy?

Everything you need to know about extending your temporary car insurance policy

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Once you've bought temporary car insurance with us, you can extend your policy in the app - just tap the green "Extend" button, and then pay.

If you need to extend your policy while you’re on the road, be sure to pull over first.

You’ll need to be at least a quarter of the way through your current policy

The “extend” button will appear once your policy is a quarter of the way through.

For example, you’ll be able to extend a 1 hour policy once the first 15 minutes has passed.

How long you can extend for

You’ll normally be able to extend your policy for any policy length that was available to you when you first bought your insurance.

For some, that’s any time between one hour and 28 days.

But if you’re a learner driver, or if you haven’t held your licence for very long, you might not be able to get our longest policies. We’ve written more about policy durations on our website.

How we work out the price of your extension

When you extend your cover, the price is based on the same things as your original policy - such as:

  • Driving history

  • Your Vehicle

  • The time and location

Some of those details won’t have changed from when you first got your Cuvva policy. But if you extend at a different time, or in a different place, the price may vary.

If you cancel your extension before it starts, we’ll give you a full refund

But we’ll only be able to refund you if you cancel before the extension starts.

We can’t normally give refunds once a policy has started. But because an extension is technically (and legally) a separate policy that starts immediately after your first policy ends, we can issue a full refund if you change your mind before the extension starts.

Happy driving 🚗 

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