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How to change ownership of a vehicle
How to change ownership of a vehicle

How to claim ownership, change ownership, or remove ownership of a vehicle

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If you want to book a short-term policy in advance, or lend your car to friends, you’ll need to make sure the ownership details of the vehicle are up to date.

Claiming ownership

If you’ve not claimed ownership of a vehicle in the Cuvva app before, it’s really simple. Head to the ‘Your cars’ tab, search for the vehicle’s registration number and tap ‘I’m the owner’. You’ll have to answer a few questions around how much you want to charge people to borrow the vehicle and then you’ll be able to share a link with your friends.

Alternatively you can claim ownership of a vehicle when you’re buying a short-term policy that starts in the future. Just get a quote for a time and date in the future, and when asked to confirm the trip with the owner just tap ‘I am the owner’ and follow the steps in the app.

What information is displayed

If someone who has your phone number connects their phone contacts to Cuvva, they’ll see that you own a car, along with some basic details like the car’s make, model and number plate. You can decide whether to show your car to your friends, or make your car private.

If you choose to show your car to your friends, when someone searches for the car’s number plate they'll see your first name and your status as the car's owner.

Incorrect owner

If the wrong person is listed as an owner - for example a previous owner who’s sold the vehicle - you just need to get in touch with our customer support team and we’ll reset this for you. We’ll need to see some evidence that you own the vehicle, so please have the V5C document to hand.

Removing yourself as an owner

If you no longer own a vehicle, you can remove yourself as an owner by tapping the ‘Your cars’ tab on the homepage of the Cuvva app. From here, scroll down and tap ‘Remove vehicle’.

Borrowing someone else’s car

If someone else owns the vehicle, you’ll need to get the owner’s approval to borrow it. When you get a quote for a future start date, the option to ‘Share link’ will appear. Just send the owner the link and they’ll approve you to get insured. You only need to do this once, from then on, you can buy policies in advance on this car.

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