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Tips for sharing your car
Tips for sharing your car

Things to consider when lending your car using Cuvva car clubs

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A Cuvva car club is a great way to let people you know and trust borrow your car. But before sharing your car, you may want to put a few ground rules in place to avoid any misunderstandings later on.

It might help to think about the following.

Make your expectations clear

From where to collect the keys to topping up the tank, let people know what your expectations are for a smooth car sharing experience.

Arrange where to drop off and collect the keys

Be clear where you want people to collect and return the keys, and at what time.

Delays can happen, but if they need the car longer than planned, remind them to check it’s ok with you first. Then they can just extend their policy in the app so they stay insured.

Agree fuel or battery levels

Make sure there’s fuel in the tank or you’ve charged up your battery before someone borrows your car. Let people know if you expect them to top the fuel back up before they return it. You might want to make a note of the fuel level before they set off.

Tell them your ‘road rules’

Whatever your rules of the road, make sure to let anyone borrowing your car know what they are. That might be to do with pets, smoking, restrictions on where they can go, or what they can use your car for.

You can also set your road rules in the Cuvva app. Head to Car clubs > Your cars > Description and let people know what to expect.

Swap contact details

Make sure you can always get in touch with each other. That way, if plans change or something unexpected happens, it should be easy to get hold of one another.

Check your vehicle over

Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and clean before lending it out, to avoid anything going wrong as a result of it being poorly maintained.

MOT and tax

It sounds obvious, but don’t forget to check these are all up-to-date before someone borrows your car. When someone gets a quote on your car using the Cuvva app, they’ll also see your car’s MOT and tax status there too.

Tyres, oil and lights

Remember to check your oil tank and make sure your tyres are pumped up to a safe level before anyone borrows your car. Double check your headlights and brake lights are working too.

Inside the car

Don’t forget to clear out any valuables and make sure your car is clean and tidy.

Last minute checks

Check their driving licence

If you’re lending your car to someone, you should ask to see their driving licence before they set off (even if it’s your best mate). That way you’ll have total peace of mind.

And if you’re lending your car to someone you don’t know for the first time, it might be a good idea to meet them somewhere public.

Check they’re insured

Make sure anyone borrowing your car uses the Cuvva app to buy a short-term policy. They can choose their policy to start right away or at a later date or time. Just make sure their policy covers the duration of their trip.

Once their policy is sorted, you’ll be able to view their trip details in the Cuvva app by heading to Car clubs > Your cars > Bookings.

Take photos

Some people like to take photos of their vehicle before and after lending it out. This might come in handy in case of any future disputes.

For more detail and advice on sharing your vehicle, check out our expected behaviour policy.

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