Temporary insurance for lending your car

Lending out your car can often be a long process.

Typically, you'd have to call up your insurer, and pay to add the person you're lending your car to as a named driver on your policy.

There can also be some risks. If a named driver needed to make a claim, that accident would go down on your policy - which could affect your no-claims bonus (NCB).

Luckily, we've made car sharing radically better with our temporary insurance policies.

How Cuvva works

Doesn't affect your no-claims bonus: A Cuvva policy is in the driver's name, and it's separate to your insurance. So your cover isn't affected, even if they have to make a claim.

Fully comprehensive: All of our policies are comprehensive and cover both the driver and vehicle.

Regulated insurer: We're authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In other words, we're fully legit.

365-day support and claims: Our customer support team are available every day of the year, from 6am to 1am in the app. And our claims lines are open every day, too.

No other insurance needed: Neither the vehicle, nor the driver, need to have any other form of insurance on top of their Cuvva policy.

You don't need to do anything: No need to call your insurer. The driver can get insured in the app within minutes - all you need to do is give them the keys.

Free tools and savings for car owners

Check out our website for loads of helpful tools for car owners - like our free car checker, and helpful guides on insurance and car ownership.

And best of all, if you lend your car to someone using Cuvva, they can refer you using their link and you could save £60. 🤗

A Cuvva monthly subscription is like annual insurance. It's pay-monthly cover with no deposit, no cancellation fees, and no fees to change your details.

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