With Cuvva, the price you pay for temporary insurance or pay-monthly cover is unique to you. We take lots of things into account, but the ones that usually make the biggest difference are:

Your age: Younger drivers tend to pay more for car insurance than older drivers. And generally, the more driving experience you have, the lower your price will be.

Your driving history: Things like claims, accidents, and licence points can make your car insurance more expensive.

Your vehicle: Insurers place all UK-registered vehicles into insurance groups. Faster, more expensive cars are usually in higher groups, so insuring them can be more expensive. Less powerful cars, or those with more safety features, often cost less to insure.

Your location: Insurers use local claims data and crime statistics to work out the most accurate pricing for drivers in that area.

By using the "what affects your price" button to compare quotes taken out at different times and locations, you may be able to find out where and when we're able to offer you the cheapest prices.

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You can get an insurance price quote on our website. This only takes a minute.

Once you've got a quote, we'll text you a link which you can use to download the Cuvva app. You'll need to be on the app to buy your policy.

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