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How to get a short term insurance quote
How to get a short term insurance quote

How to get a quote for a short-term policy

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It only takes a few minutes to get fast and flexible car insurance with Cuvva.

Download the app

You can get a quote, buy and extend a policy, borrow and lend cars, and find past policy documents all via the app.

Once you've downloaded the app, make sure that the account you've created is in the driver's name.

If you're not the driver, you should ask them to take over at this stage - you can't use Cuvva to buy insurance for someone else.

Buy your policy

We can't insure everybody. But if we can give you a quote, all you need to do now is:

  • Verify your identity with a picture of your ID, and a selfie

  • Take a photo of the vehicle

  • Make sure you've declared any accidents or claims from the past 5 years

  • Pay for your insurance with a UK debit card

And you're good to go! Our short term cover starts instantly, or you can choose your policy to start later on - itโ€™s up to you.

If we can't give you a quote, the app will normally explain the reason why.

How we figure out your price

When you get a quote, we use a lot of different bits of data to figure out your price. That includes your:

  • Age

  • Location

  • Vehicle

  • Time of day

  • And a few other factors

Any questions? Our customer support team are on hand 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm. Just drop them a message in the app or email

Happy driving ๐Ÿš—

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