Here at Cuvva we’ve always believed the more the merrier!

So if you refer a friend, they get £10 off their first policy and you get £10 off your next.


How to refer a friend in the app

To refer someone in the app, tap the ‘Refer a friend’ icon at the bottom of the screen. Then copy and share your referral link, or click 'Refer a friend' and follow the simple steps.

You can refer as many friends as you want, as long as they're brand new to Cuvva.

Quick heads up: each link only works for one friend. You can get a new link in the app whenever you want to refer someone new.

It's important that your friend uses your link before they buy their first policy, or the discount won't work for either of you.

Use it or lose it!

You can only use your discounts within three months of your friend signing up - so use it or lose it!

You can use the discount on any of our products, including temporary car insurance, learner driver insurance and our monthly subscription.

If they choose a subscription policy, you’ll both get £60 off Cuvva on their 2nd monthly cycle.

Referral discount FAQs

Why don't I get my discount immediately when a friend purchases a monthly subscription?

We give you and your friend the discount when they begin the second month of their subscription. This stops people from signing up for the discount and then cancelling straight away.

What happens if my friend buys a subscription using my link but it ends before their second month?

If your friend cancels their subscription before their second month, you lose the referral discount.

Can I use my referral discounts on different Cuvva products?

Yes, you can use your discount on short-term policies, or a monthly subscription. Each discount is single use, so you can't carry any of it over.

My friend forgot to use my referral link - can I still earn a discount?

Sadly not. The code will only work if they use your link before getting their first policy. So It's super important that your friend uses the right referral link, and redeems their code before buying any insurance. They can check their discount has been added by clicking into the 'Profile' tab and selecting 'Discounts'. Their discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

What if my trip is cheaper than £10?

Enjoy your free insurance! The rest won’t carry over.

Customer support

Our customer support team is available between 6am and 1am in the app. So if you have any questions about referrals, don't hesitate to get in touch.

If there are any issues, make sure you contact our team before your friend buys the policy. That way we can be sure you get your discount.

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