A Cuvva account should only be used by one person

Each Cuvva account can only be used by one person - the account holder. The account holder is whoever’s name and driving licence number are on the account - even if the email address and phone number belong to someone else.

Any quotes you get will be based on that person’s details, and any policy you buy will be in that person’s name. So nobody else would be insured to drive - even if you change the ID photos in the app.

If you’ve used your email address and phone number to help somebody else sign up to Cuvva, you’ll need to remove your details from their account, and then make a new one in your name.

If you get stuck, our customer support team should be able to help. They’re available 6am to 1am in the app.

Once you’re insured, we can’t change the driver or vehicle

Once your cover has started, we can’t change the person who’s insured. So it’s really important that you check your policy and account details before paying. Even if you’ve made a mistake, we generally won’t be able to give a refund.

If you’ve bought a policy for the wrong person

If you’re not sure who can be insured on a Cuvva account, or if you’ve just bought a policy for the wrong person, get in touch with our customer support team as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to resolve it.

Save up to £50 on your car insurance by referring a friend

If you have a friend or relative that wants to use Cuvva, make sure they set up their own account. This only takes a few minutes.

The good news is that you can both save up to £50 on car insurance with Cuvva when you refer them.

Happy driving! 🚗

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