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Can I change the name on a Cuvva account?
Can I change the name on a Cuvva account?

What to do if you change your name

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Sadly, once a Cuvva account has been set up, we can’t switch the account to a different person. Each driver who wants to insure a car with us needs to make their own Cuvva account in their name.

Only the named account holder is insured to drive the car, so this helps prevent situations where the wrong person buys a policy.

How to change the name on your account

If your name has changed for any reason (for example, if you get married or divorced, or change your name by deed poll), our customer support team can help you. We’ll need to see some supporting evidence, so please grab any official documents before getting in touch with us. Examples of this include the marriage or deed poll certificate.

Any questions? Just chat to our tireless customer support team via the app.

Happy driving! 🚗

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