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What do I need to purchase?

What is needed to purchase with Cuvva

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To purchase temporary car insurance through Cuvva, you will need to download our app on your phone. To register, you will need to have:

  • A photo of government approved photo ID (typically, this will either be your passport or your Driving Licence)

  • A GB DVLA driving licence number (we use this to check whether you have any motoring convictions and to verify the name, address and date of birth)

  • Your own UK debit/credit card to make the payment

  • Declared all incidents (at fault/not at fault) that you have been involved, as a driver, passenger or named driver, in the last 5 years.

  • Permission from the owner of the vehicle

And FYI - if you're buying a book-ahead policy that starts in the future,, the owner of the vehicle will need a Cuvva account to approve you to borrow their vehicle. This doesn't apply to policies that start immediately.

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