What is an underwriter?

What an underwriter is and how do they link with Cuvva

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What is an underwriter?

Basically, an underwriter is a company that works out how risky an individual is to insure, and what to cover if a claim is made.

When we set down our roots, none of us knew too much about the world of insurance — we just knew that we wanted to make it better. So we teamed up with a few different underwriters to help us handle the in-depth insurance-y stuff.

Who are our underwriters?

At the moment, we work with two underwriters: Mulsanne Insurance and WAKAM.

But this could change as we grow. So if you want to know who underwrote your policy, just check your policy documents.

Our underwriters help us deliver better and fairer insurance straight to your phone

If you don’t know exactly how they do that, fair enough — we’ll explain!

We use underwriters to insure our drivers. They take on the actual “risk” of the policy so that you can drive stress free.

They decide how we price our policies, who we can cover, and the add-ons that we can offer (like EU cover).

Will I need to interact with the underwriter?

As a Cuvva customer, you’ll only need to contact the underwriter if you need to report an accident or make a claim.

You should be able to find their details in your policy documents. But if you’re having trouble, just chat to our support team to get their contact details.

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