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Why does Cuvva freeze some accounts?
Why does Cuvva freeze some accounts?

How we combat fraud and avoid invalid policies

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Cuvva freezes accounts to tackle fraud and ensure all policies are valid. As a regulated business, we need to follow protocol and take these matters very seriously.

We can’t always say why we’ve frozen an account, but here are some common reasons.


Cuvva will freeze accounts we suspect of car insurance fraud, including ghost broking, identity theft and misdeclaration.

Unreported incidents

Users must declare previous incidents when signing up to Cuvva. Not doing so could result in the account being frozen.


If someone signs up for Cuvva but their vehicle does not have a valid MOT, their account will be frozen.

Links to motor trading

Cuvva can’t insure cars for motor trading. Motor trading is the buying and selling of motor vehicles, supply of spare parts, and the repair of vehicles. Accounts are frozen if we suspect they are being used with motor trading.

Links to couriering

Cuvva can’t insure cars for couriering. We don’t cover any Hire and Reward policies, so accounts we think are being used for couriering will be frozen as it goes against the policy terms and conditions. Note: courier-branded vehicles also can’t be insured, even if not being used for couriering.

Some modifications

Cuvva can insure cars with lots of modifications, but not all. If a car has modifications not permitted by Cuvva, the account may be frozen.

Private hire

Private hire and hire vehicles can’t be covered by Cuvva. If a user is using Cuvva in this way, or we suspect they are, their account will be frozen.

We need a new vehicle photo

All vehicle photos need to be taken live in the app and show the whole front of the vehicle. Photos that are blurry, unclear, don’t show the full front of the car, or don’t meet our standards in any way, won’t be accepted. Repeated submissions of incorrect photos will result in a frozen account.

We need new ID photos

When users sign up to Cuvva, we ask for a photo of their driving licence, and a selfie. This is so we can be sure that we’re insuring the right person. It also helps us verify driving licences.

If the verification photos don’t meet our requirements, we’ll freeze the account until we receive a suitable photo.

Temporary pause

We may also sometimes temporarily pause some of the things you’re able to do on your account, like get new quotes.

We’ll only ever do this if we need to, and it’ll be to help keep your account secure if we notice any unusual or suspicious behaviour.

You’ll still be able to manage your account, like updating any payment details, and you’ll be able to reach our support team to ask any questions about our products.

Any temporary pauses won’t last long, and we’ll always let you know when your account will be ready to use again. But keep in mind that if we see regular suspicious activity, we might need to freeze your account permanently.

Any questions? Our customer support team are on hand 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm. Just drop them a message in the app or email

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