Account freezes

Why is my account frozen?

If your account is frozen, it's normally because we need to speak to you about your account, or a vehicle that you’ve insured with us.

You’ll still be insured, and your policy will be valid for driving - unless we’ve told you otherwise.

But you won’t be able to get a new policy until we’ve unfrozen your account. So it’s best to contact our support team as soon as possible. We're available between 6am and 1am in the app.

Here are the most common reasons why your account might be frozen.

We need a new vehicle photo

All vehicle photos need to be taken live in the app and show the whole front of the vehicle. We’ll only ask you for a new photo if your last photo didn’t meet those requirements.

We need new ID photos

When you sign up to Cuvva, we ask for a photo of your licence, and a selfie.

If your verification photos don’t meet our requirements, we’ll freeze your account until you send us a new photo.

Just speak to our customer support team - they’ll tell you how to get this sorted.

Will I be able to use Cuvva again?

If your account is frozen, chat to our customer support team as soon as you can. We’ll do our best to help you unfreeze your account.

But there are some situations where we might not be able to unfreeze your account — and we may not always be able to share any further information.

Happy driving! 🚗

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