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Sometimes we can’t insure a driver or car. Here’s an explainer on some of the reasons why.

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We’re super proud that we’ve supported 1m+ people to get on the road safely. Sadly, sometimes there are times when we can’t offer insurance.

We work with our underwriters to offer insurance to as many people as possible, but their rules may change from time to time. Sometimes it may mean we might not be able to cover you in a car, even though we have before. We’re sorry.

Although we might not be able to insure you today, we may be able to cover you in the future.

Sometimes it might just be the car. You could always try to get a quote on a different car that’s less powerful or of a lower value. Just head back to the app and start the quote process.

Here are some things we consider:

Your age and driving licence

There are some restrictions on the driver’s age and driving licence info.

For learner driver insurance, you usually need to be aged between 17 and 40. We can't insure learners who have held their provisional licence for more than 5 years.

For short-term insurance, customers with their full licence usually need to be aged between 19 and 70. If you're under 21, you may have to have held your full licence for more than a year and have no at-fault or joint-fault accidents or claims to get a quote.

At the moment we can only offer cover to holders of GB DVLA licences issued in England, Scotland, or Wales. We can't accept licences issued in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man, because these regions have different licensing authorities. We can’t accept EU licences either. Only Great Britain's licensing authority, the DVLA, gives access to the licence data we need for the app to work.

The vehicle

Vehicle age: We insure cars up to 20 years old.

Vehicle value: We can cover cars that are worth up to £60,000, or vans that are worth up to £40,000. For learner drivers, the vehicle can be worth up to £30,000.

Insurance group: Cars in higher insurance groups are more expensive to insure, and sometimes we can’t offer insurance because of this. You might be able to get a quote on a different car that falls in a lower insurance group.

We are unable to insure vehicles that are:

  • Scrapped or impounded

  • Hire cars, or vehicles on a fleet policy

  • Company/business vehicles


We insure cars with lots of different modifications, including any that have been adapted for disabilities, and some that help with security and driving like dash cams or parking sensors.

Check out the full list of approved modifications here.

And remember: if you’ve been unable to get a quote because of something to do with the vehicle, you can try to borrow a different one instead. Just try again in the app.

Driving history

Past accidents, claims, licence points, and convictions may affect getting a quote. That doesn't mean that we won't be able to cover you - often we can. But there may be some restrictions. These will usually be based on:

  • The amount of incidents you've been involved in

  • What types of incidents you've been involved in

  • The car you’re trying to insure (ie it’s value, age or insurance group)

  • And whether you told us about your incidents before buying your first policy

The last point is very important - if you don't declare your incidents in the app before you try to pay, we may not be able to insure you. So make sure you've declared your incidents and claims before you buy a policy.

Licence points aren’t always a problem. But the app will consider the amount of points, or types of endorsements, on your licence when working out if it can give you a quote.

Other restrictions

Missing data: Occasionally, our system won't be able to find your licence, or the vehicle you want to insure. This is extremely rare. But if it does happen, it's sadly out of our control. We get our licence and vehicle data from the DVLA, so you'd need to contact them.

Frozen account: If your Cuvva account is frozen, it normally means that our team needs to speak to you about something that's happened on your account. Contact customer support as soon as you can and we’ll try to help you sort it out quickly.

Location: There are some restrictions on location when you try to get a quote. You’ll also need to be physically located within Britain to start a policy.

Use the app to check if you can get a quote

Sometimes you might not get a quote for one car but can get one for another - so it’s always worth trying to see which car you can get a quote on if you have a choice.

Our customer support team are on hand if you have any questions.

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