We know things change and that’s why our monthly subscriptions are ultra-flexible - we won’t charge cancellation fees even if you decide to leave us.

But if you sell your car while you’re covered with us, you may want to transfer your policy to your new vehicle. Cancelling would mean losing your NCB time with us.

How do I change the vehicle on my subscription?

Before we can transfer your active policy to another car, we’ll need you to:

  1. Get a quote for your new vehicle in the app, to make sure we can cover it.

  2. Contact our Support team and confirm some details like the old registration, new registration, owner and registered keeper of the vehicle and the total number of vehicles you own.

  3. Lastly, we’ll need you to send us a photo of the vehicle taken in the last 5 minutes (since you started your chat with us).

Once we have all we need, we should be able to make changes to your policy within 3-5 working days. Our aim is to get this done before that, but this is a manual process at the moment and we ask you not to drive on your new vehicle until it’s all confirmed.

Is there a limit on how many times I can change the vehicle on my policy?

If your car is being repaired or unavailable to drive, it may be best to use one of our short term policies on another car. This is because you can only make one vehicle change per month, and a maximum of four in a year, on your policy.

Will transferring my insurance to another vehicle affect my monthly price?

Once your policy has started, any change to it can result in a price change. In some cases, we might not be able to insure you anymore. This is why you need to contact our team to transfer your policy from one car to another.

But don’t worry, if there are any issues or if changing the vehicle on your policy means that your monthly price will go up, we’ll confirm that you’re happy with this beforehand. 👍

Is everything else correct?

When you buy car insurance with Cuvva, you are responsible for telling us about anything that may affect the product, insurance policy or quote. If the information provided is not accurate, you may have your policy voided, for example. So it might be a good idea to check that everything else looks alright.

If you changed home address, occupation or marital status after you bought your monthly subscription with us, or if you put a private plate on your vehicle, for example, remember to get in touch with our Support team so we can get this updated for you as soon as possible.

We're available 6am to 1am, every day of the year. 📫

Happy driving 🚗

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