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I have a duplicate account... what do I do?
I have a duplicate account... what do I do?

Do you have a duplicate account? Here's how to sort it

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Did you sign up for a Cuvva account but get a pop-up warning you that you already have another account? Here's what to do.

First up, you need to remember what email address you used for the original account.

Your drivers licence can only be attached to one Cuvva account. This is so we can keep track of policies purchased, claims made, and the vehicles you have insured in the past.

If your licence is already attached to another Cuvva account, but you want to use your new account instead, you'll need to make a quick change.

If you know the email you used for your original account, sign in with that first.

The app will show you a disguised email address - something like y******* You should hopefully be able to recognise which one you used.

If you signed up to your first account with Apple ID and chose to 'hide your email’, Apple will have created a whole new email address. When disguised, this could look something like: priv**********

If you still can't figure out which email address you used for your first account, talk to our customer support team. They're on hand 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm. Just drop them a message in the app or email

You’ll need to have your driving licence or passport on hand if you want to change the email on the original account.

Account security is a big thing for us so we need to make sure that you are the original account holder before we make any changes to your accounts.

Make sure you have your driving licence or passport to hand. We'll need this (plus a selfie!) to authenticate you before we can dive in. It won't take long.

Once we've authenticated you, we can make some changes to your new account and make sure your original account doesn't interfere with things.

Want to stick with your original account?

If you'd rather just stick with your original account, you can update your email there without even contacting our support team.

Just go to your profile in the bottom right corner of the app, click edit account and change your email address or phone number!

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