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What vans can I insure with Cuvva?
What vans can I insure with Cuvva?

Our van rules on value, insurance groups and modifications

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Our temporary van insurance covers a huge number of different van models - but we can't insure all vans.

We usually can give a quote on:

  • Vans in insurance groups 1 to 20

  • Many small, short wheelbase vans - for example, a Citroen Berlingo

  • Many medium panel vans - for example, a Ford Transit

  • Many large vans - for example, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

  • Vans being used for carriage of own goods - so you can bring tools to a construction site, for example

  • Vans being used for Class 1 business use - for driving between different places of work

We usually cannot give a quote on:

  • Vans valued at more than £40,000

  • Vans in an insurance group of 20 or over

  • Vans with modifications not included in our approved list

  • Campervans or motorhomes

  • Impounded or scrapped vans

  • Vans being used for motor trading, recovery, learning to drive or hire-and-reward (for example, for food deliveries or couriering)

  • Vans that are courier-branded (even if they are not being used for couriering)

If you aren’t sure, just try and get a quote. It only takes a few minutes!

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