Temporary European Car Insurance

You can use our temporary car insurance to drive in parts of Europe.

But we can only cover return trips to Europe, so your policy will need to start and end in Great Britain (England, Wales or Scotland - not Northern Ireland).

By the way: this article is about our temporary car insurance. Monthly subscription policies include 60 days of comprehensive European cover per year.

Temporary insurance for driving abroad

Our temporary insurance will cover you to drive in the EU, plus Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland. In these countries, all UK motor insurance policies have to provide a minimum level of cover.

That's not comprehensive cover, though. The level of cover in Europe is third party, so it would only cover damage to the other person's car.

You don't need a Green Card to drive in Europe

As of August 2nd 2021, British drivers no longer need a Green card to drive in Europe. You can find out more on the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) website.

Driving in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands

Sadly, we don't cover these parts of the UK yet. That means:

  • We can't insure vehicles registered in these regions

  • We can't cover drivers with licences issued in these regions

  • The app may not work in these regions

But if you buy a Cuvva policy in England, Scotland or Wales (with a GB licence), you can drive to these parts of the UK on your policy, and you'll have comprehensive cover during your trip.

The app won't work outside of the UK

The Cuvva app uses your location to help work out if we can insure you, and to calculate your price. So you'll need to be in the UK when you buy your policy.

If you do leave the UK on your Cuvva policy, you won't be able to extend your policy until you're back. So make sure your policy is long enough to get home!

Customer support

Our customer support team is available every day of the year in the app, between 6am and 1am, so contact us if you have any questions.

We might not be able to tell you exactly what level of European cover you should buy, so it's important to think about your own needs before deciding if a Cuvva policy is right for you.

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