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Can I use Cuvva cover for my business?
Can I use Cuvva cover for my business?

Can Cuvva be used for my business?

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Short term business insurance for cars

Our short term car insurance policies cover you for SDP (social, domestic, pleasure), commuting, and class 1 business use.

This means that you can:

  • Use your car to drive to and from work

  • Drive to other places for business (that aren't where you usually work)

As well as driving for leisure.

Business cover for van insurance

Our van insurance policies include class 1 business insurance, plus Carriage of Own Goods cover.

We don't do Hire and Reward Insurance

'Hire and reward' means that you are using your vehicle to transport people or goods (like a business with a view to making money), and it isn't permitted under our policies. This means you can't use Cuvva for:

  • Running a minicab or paid carpool service

  • Making deliveries or transporting someone else's goods in return for money

  • Buying and selling cars

  • Making door-to-door sales

Learner driver insurance and business use

Our learner driver policies cover you for SDP and commuting use only.

What do different types of business insurance cover?

There are a few different types of car insurance:

  • Social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) means you're not covered for anything to do with work or business (apart from ordinary commuting). SDP only covers stuff like going shopping, visiting friends and family, and other personal uses. It wouldn't cover you entering your car into rallies and competitions, though.

  • Our SDP policies will also cover you for commuting, meaning you personally driving your car to and from your permanent place of work. However, it won't cover you to drive to other locations (like your employer's other offices) or to generally drive around as part of your work.

  • Class 1 business use means you're covered for commuting, plus driving to other sites that aren't your usual place of work. For example, driving to a work meeting in a different location. It doesn't include commercial use, such as deliveries or door-to-door selling.

  • Class 2 business use provides cover for the same situations as Class 1, but also includes the named drivers on your policy.

  • Class 3 business use includes commercial driving, for things like door-to-door sales.

  • Carriage of own goods means you can drive your vehicle for business reasons, and you'll also be covered for the items you need for work. For example, a tradesperson driving between clients with their own equipment in the van.

  • Hire and Reward insurance means you can carry around other people's stuff for money. You'll need it if you're a furniture remover, a delivery driver, or anything like that.

Cuvva policies are comprehensive

All our policies are comprehensive, whether you're driving for leisure, or the business uses that we cover.

You can see exactly what's covered in your policy documents - you can find them in the app before you pay.

Customer support

Any questions? Our customer support team are on hand 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm. Just drop them a message in the app or email

We probably won't be able to tell you exactly what level of business cover you should buy. So it's really important to think about your own business needs before deciding if a Cuvva policy is right for you.

Happy driving πŸš—

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