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How old do you have to be to use Cuvva?

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Temporary car insurance for full licence holders

To use Cuvva, you'll need to be over 19 and under 70.

If you're under 21, you'll usually have to have held your full licence for at least a year - and have no at-fault or joint-fault accidents or claims.

Age requirements for learner drivers

If you're a learner, the age requirements are a bit different.

You'll need to be aged between 17 and 40, and have had your provisional driving licence for less than 5 years.

You'll also need a supervisor, whatever your age. They need to be at least 25, with 5 years of driving experience.

You may need to be older to insure certain vehicles

You might need to be older than 19 to insure some cars, even if you've held your licence for more than a year.

As a general rule, vehicles in higher insurance groups (typically faster or more expensive vehicles) are more likely to have higher age requirements.

But age is just one of the factors that the app looks when working out who we can cover. So the best way to be sure that we can cover you, is by getting a quote.

And you'll need to be 65 or under to get insured on a van with Cuvva for the first time.

Younger drivers can end up paying more

Once you've got a quote in the app, you can check out the "What's affected your price" screen, to see whether your driver profile has made your car insurance more or less expensive.

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